What should I expect during a spiritual healing session?

  • First time clients will have an initial 15 minute free consult with Jude (in person or by phone) to discuss what benefit you’re looking to receive with this healing and answer any questions you have before your session
  • When the session begins, you will be seated, and Jude will close his eyes and place his hands over each of your chakras, starting with your head and moving down your body.  As he works on each chakra, he is moving spiritual energy into your chakras to bring them in balance and increase your energetic vibration
  • Jude will ask you to hold positive thoughts to align with his as this energy flows through him to you.  Doing this will ensure the energy has a maximal effect
  • The more positive, warm, comforting thoughts you have during the session the more powerful your session will be.  Jude trains his clients to maintain continuous positive thoughts following their session, as appreciation and thankfulness to God prolongs the energy you receive in the healing session to do its work long after you leave
  • During the session Jude can ‘tune in’ to the energy in your aura and can be guided by divine intelligence to give you answers that will help you following the session
  • The session in total takes about 45 minutes
  • Following your healing, you may ask additional questions relating to your problems
  • While in session, Jude may detect root causes of your suffering for example, past romantic relationships with lingering energetic ties, parental relationships holding you back, astral attachments (ghost attachments), or acute sicknesses for example.  You may have heard the expression ‘cut the chord’ with someone.  Energetically this corresponds to releasing an energy attachment to someone or something else.  Releasing this energy through shamanic healing will allow you to feel more like your whole self.   Eliminating these energies may require an advanced healing session or session(s)


Prior to a Healing session

  • Be sure to remove any metal accessories, jewelry or clothing as it conducts electricity and can interfere with the flow of spiritual energy
  • Before and during the session use rhythmic breathing and visualize white light to get maximal benefit


For the 24 hours following a healing session:

  • Stay away from bars or other negative environments as this can deplete the energy you receive in a healing session
  • Maintain a positive attitude and affirmations, and think and act selflessly
  • Being around nature enhances your benefit ex) going on a hike or being at the beach



  • Maintain a positive environment to realize the benefits of the energies
  • Positive thoughts and actions allow the energy to do its work
  • Do not harbor feelings of regrets or negativity