" First and foremost, I would like to thank you and your staff for being so nice and accommodating. I had my healing this past Monday and started to feel it’s affects later that evening after becoming very tired. I slept pretty much the entire day on Tuesday and I could feel some deep healing taken place within me. Jude graciously removed two attachments from me and said I had some family stuff to workout. Ironically, my oldest sister, who lives out of state, texted me the following morning stating “she wanted to see how I was doing and woke up with thoughts of me on her mind”. Also, I’m currently unemployed and looking for work, and I had interviewed with a company about a month ago, and received an automated email about a week or so after the interview that they were moving forward with other candidates. I woke up yesterday to an email requesting a second phone interview! I was completely surprised to say the least! I feel a little tender and sore today similar to a deep tissue massage, but I’m looking forward to more healing and unexpected blessings! Thanks again for your generosity and healing services! It is greatly appreciated."

- Candice

" Your time with me today was worth much more than the donation I left. I don't understand all that is involved in the spiritual healing, but I know that I also gained healing from your words, your heart, and your presence. This evening my heart was lighter and I experienced a more confident, healthier perspective. I am honored to have met you and look forward to learning from you so that I can better serve people. Blessings, Jude. "

- Teri

" I think that was one of the most amazing experience's for me ever. I thank you with all my heart. You are my earth angel and bodyguard! I love that.
I'm so tired, all tucked in at my friend's and ready to go to sleep! I think I will sleep well for the first time in a long time. I feel truly brand new; like a baby. Many many hugs and kisses to you! "

- Jo

" Thank you so much for your kindness and for the amazing work you have done for me. I feel lighter and more energetic. I would like to learn more about your Healing Work, as I feel that you have so much knowledge and wisdom to share. "

 - Na'ama

" Thank you so much for all you've helped me with….and for our planet as a whole. You're a gem "

- Nikki

" Thanks for the healing…. amazing things have happened… "

- Ersilia

" Thank you so much for your healing session today at the Bodhi Tree. Truly an amazing experience! "

- Lisa

" I am so grateful for all your healing. Please know that we all thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you do. You are certainly one very special person, and I hope to be of help to you in the very near future. "

 - Angel

" Thank you also for the healing I received. Today I feel great! I have a good disposition — before I felt like I was closed and could not be open with people. Now, I feel like a new flower — fresh, open and clear. This morning in Sadhana — my yogic practice — I had so much energy and enjoyed the class so much more! And these are just the emotional aspects…so much has happened with my physical self also…no more pain!
If this is how being healthy feels, I want this all of time! "

- Thyra

" Thank you for your wonderful and soothing energy and words and spirit. "

- Lisa

" I have been noticing since yesterday a subtle shift in my perceptions. I am slowly seeming to accept parts of myself that I've always considered dark and unacceptable. I HOPE it continues. This is making me less anxious and I am sleeping a bit better. It is subtle but it is there. Maybe my chakra's are slowly starting to balance themselves. I'm trying to have patience with this as I've never had much patience before. Thanks for your help. "

- Jon

" I just want you to know that I think you are a phenomenal person and I am so incredibly appreciative to have you in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you have opened up for me and allowed me to see within myself and in all the world around me. You rock!! "

- Sasha

" Thank you for your healing on me. I have felt much lighter, a lot stronger, clearer in mind and thought… a great deal of stress has melted away and more. There is a great sense of calmness, wonder and hope that has entered my life. Laughter and happiness to the point of tears and choking have also come back. My hands at times are burning hot…you have surfaced my energy powerfully. I've broken down in tears at the simple appreciation and gratitude of you and who you are. I thank the Great Spirit and the Lord and Lady for bringing you into my life.
I have also thanked your guides quite a few times for keeping you safe. "

- Monique

" Thank you for sharing your healing and wisdom with me. It has added clarity and calmness to my life and given me a new direction with many possibilities. "

- Dale

" I am so grateful and thankful to our heavenly father Jehovah for bringing you into our life. You are truly performing miracles with our family. Your powerful healing has been incredible and miraculous! Your abundant loving kindness and devotion and the great sacrifices that you make in healing our family and all those that are in need is greatly appreciated, more than words could ever express. "

- Rachel

" I wanted to let you know, I noticed a difference starting last night and today with the stiffness and pain in my left leg/ankle/foot being markedly diminished. Wow! I did yoga this morning and really noticed it by how I felt more grounded in my standing poses and felt better rooted with the earth than usual. Amazing how that works, eh? I have you to thank for that Jude. "

- Diane

A Session with Jude

" love, joy, sorrow
 he lays his hands on me 
this healer, my brother 
and here it comes "

" love, joy, sorrow 
tears begin to roll 
down my cheeks
 onto his wrist
 he calls for assistance
 not other hands 
but a tissue
 not another world 
but this one
"you're a survivor," he says
 "a lot has happened."

" love, joy, sorrow 
all melting into one…
fingertips dipping 
into the bowl of holy water
inside my gut 
inside my heart 
inside my mind 
inside the deep indistinguishable 
baptismal pool of "

" love, joy, sorrow, 
love, joy, sorrow, 
love, joy, sorrow "

- by Jan McGuire

" Thank you sooo much Jude… your healing I'm sure brought God into the picture. I'm eternally grateful and so is she…she's home now and finally resting after a frightening 3 days… God bless you and thank you so much. "

- Jan

" I'm feeling strong today, not powerful yet but stronger on my feet. Since yesterday's meeting I feel taller and more present. Thank you so much for being here. I thank God for blessing me with you because since our very first meeting I was able to realize peace. Before we met, I felt at peace some times, but with meeting you it became solid and took place in me and stayed.
I feel as if there is no worries. It's a comforting feeling. "

- Olga

" I am overflowing with joy and gratitude and I just can't thank you enough for yesterday's very beautiful, powerful, and generous session. The time just flew! I couldn't believe two and a half hours passed by – amazing! And today I feel energized and so very excited about continuing the journey… And your incredibly generous offer to create a program and to continue this work together is yet another amazing blessing, and truly an answer to a prayer. The very generous and wonderful gift of your time, energy, caring, wisdom, and exquisite spirit are such a blessing, and I feel so happy and grateful to have met you and for this opportunity to further heal and grow. "

- Liz

" On July 4th of this year I was awoken early in the morning by a phone call. It was my sister informing me that our Uncle who lives with her and my mother had wandered off and could not be found. (My Uncle suffers from advancing Alzheimer's.) We were obviously upset and concerned while the police in New York city were doing their best to help find him. I went to see Jude 5 days later on the 9th and practically broke down in despair. He was very comforting and told me that my Uncle was okay and would be found in a hospital and that we should recheck all the area hospitals. Needless to say on the morning of the 12th, I received a phone call from my mother that my uncle was found in a hospital and had been there for several days. (The best news I could have received.) "

- J


" I wanted to let you know how wonderful the workshop was. It was the fastest eight hours I have ever experienced.
My friends, and yours too, Lola and Rose, were equally delighted to have been there. "

- Jerlene

" Thank you very much for teaching us about healing. You are an excellent teacher. I learned a lot. "

- Mark

" Thank you, Jude, for conducting the Spiritual Healing Workshop at Bodhi Tree yesterday. The workshop gave me understanding of many different aspects of spirituality and how we could use energy to transmute…The class was phenomenal! You brought a lot of ancient healing ways and combined those with up-to-date and practical experience. "

- Thyra

" You are a very good teacher and you teach with such kindness and love that it is really a heartwarming experience to feel your energy.
I am really looking forward to the advanced class! "

- Angel

" What a great class and you are such a wonderful teacher! I feel very fortunate to be able to learn from you and now I just want to keep learning more and more. "

- Jo