Shamanic Training and Workshop Topics

Shamanic Training and Workshop Topics
Shamanic Training

This type of training is for individuals who are in the public eye and wanting to learn how to ward off mischievous people or entities around them to stay positive while working or serving others. Some celebrities, executives, and those in the public eye have trained themselves how to navigate the world around them by being in it – yet above it. They are able to do this with mudras and powerful spiritual wisdom keeping within the karmic laws.The duration of this training is 3 consecutive days or more. Everyone who requests this type of private training must pledge that they will not use this sacred knowledge to control or hurt others.

Jude gives training and lectures/workshops for individuals, and wellness centers or retreats on the topics below.

See our Scheduling page for pricing and call to reserve a Shamanic Training with Jude.  310.849.3119

Shamanic Training and Workshop Topics include:

– Cutting Energetic Chords:  Severing Toxic Romantic and Family Relationships from your Energetic Body

– How to Heal: What is Healing Energy and How it Can Help You

– Secrets of Life and Success

– Wisdom of the Planet Earth

– Benefits of Journeying to Sacred Sites

– Severing Entities, Reptilian or Ghost Attachments

– House Blessings:  Clearing Past Energies in a Home or Business, and Opening a Vortex of Abundance, Light and Positive Energy for Love, Peace and Success

Please call for specific requests for a training/workshop/lecture on these or other topics.