Q:  Is spiritual healing dangerous?

A:  No, it’s not dangerous, and there are no side effects following a healing.  We are all made up of spiritual energy, it is the force that keeps our hearts beating.  Our external activities and events of daily life can have a positive or negative effect on our own Spiritual energetic makeup.  During a healing with Jude, your spiritual body, through your aura, accepts from the healing exactly what the body needs at that particular time, replenishing energies that have been depleted.  There are no negative side effects when this takes place, only positive results will come from a spiritual healing.


Q:  Does this form of spiritual healing relate to any religious traditions or beliefs?  Will it conflict with my own personal religious beliefs?

A:  Spiritual healing transcends religious traditions.   It will not conflict with your religious traditions or beliefs, all can receive it equally.


Q:  How long do the benefits from a spiritual healing last?

A:  This will depend on how long you can maintain a positive attitude, openness and positive actions and thoughts in service to others, which all serve to prolong the effects.


Q:  Is there anything I could do following a healing to render the effects ineffective?

A:  Yes, being around negativity and giving into anger or other negative thoughts/feelings can erode the positive effects of the healing.


Q:  How many sessions do I need?

A:  This depends on the problem and your karma; you will receive benefits from one session, however 2-3 sessions is recommended for lasting effects.


Q:  Is remote healing less effective than an in-person healing? 

A:  Spiritual healing in person is more effective since you are in the positive, loving surroundings of the healer; remote healing confers the same healing energy, but the effects may take longer due to your environmental conditions (i.e. negative people, atmosphere etc.) which can interfere.


Q: Do I need to have a specific problem or be ill to come see Jude? 

A:  Typically a problem or illness, or fear/uncertainty drives people to have a spiritual healing, however you do not need a ‘problem’ to come see a spiritual healer.  Spiritual healing will energize your chakras and help you see things in your life that can help you be the best version of yourself.


Q:  Why did Jude choose to study with Dr. George King? 

A:  Dr. George King was a remarkable healer, spiritual master, and teacher.  Dr. King was a Western Master of Yoga, who after 10 years of intensive yogic practice achieved  ‘Samadhi’, or a higher state of consciousness and meditative trance known throughout various religious and yogic traditions.  Thorough this trance, he was able to receive Cosmic Transmissions from advanced spiritual masters beyond this world, that conveyed precious spiritual wisdom important to all of humanity in these days of upheaval and transformation.

Using the knowledge conveyed in these Mental Transmissions, in 1955 Dr. King founded the Aetherius Society, an international metaphysical organization and spiritual brotherhood to promote global operations in pursuit of peace and benevolent spiritual transformation on this earth.

With the exception of his grandfather, no other spiritual master has resonated so deeply with Jude than Dr. George King.


Q:  Was Dr. George King a shaman like Jude? 

A:  Shamans help individuals progress on their journey of spiritual development and wellness.  Dr. George King was more advanced than a shaman, as he incarnated to this world not only to help humans, but also to help the planet itself.  He was an Avatar, or a divine deity incarnated into human form, tasked to complete a divine assignment to help our planet.


Q:  What does Jude do with the money he makes?

A;  Jude uses part of the proceeds to fund his charity Gaziboh Global Healing Center inc. (a 501(c)3 non-profit organization).  In the US he does outreach and charity events to benefit the homeless and those in need (see his Facebook page for more info).  He uses these as mechanisms to touch the lives of people who cannot afford to pay for a healing.  In total, Jude’s team includes 270 people helping him in this pursuit.