Children, unlike adults, are generally very receptive to spiritual healing. They are free of preconceived suspicion and doubt which blocks the flow of this divine energy within their aura.

Planet Earth’s love has been essential to the evolution of mankind, and as we die and reincarnate, we learn new lessons which we use to create positive or negative karma.

Jude explains, “When a child is born in Africa, most parents consult a native doctor (Shaman) to inquire who the child is, why the child chose them as parents, and the reason the child came back to Earth. This revelation, if correctly translated by the Shaman, becomes a guide for the parents in helping the child in fulfilling their mission.

In my case, the Shaman predicted that I would be useful on Earth. His vision was that a huge flying bird swallowed me. This bird had other people in its stomach, and together we flew to a distant country. He was shocked to see such a big flying bird that ‘ate’ people and then ‘vomited’ them out when it landed at its destination.

When I turned 14 years old, planes started to travel from my country to other countries. It was then that my mom recalled the story she was told by the Shaman. One day a plane (the big flying bird) would carry me to a distant country to work for God.”

Today, Jude loves to help other children discover their purpose here on earth. Children, if taught correctly, can be great healers. Their innocence and purity enables them to serve as channels to pass the healing energy to others. Many children have learned how to heal and enjoy practicing on their parents and friends. As children heal others, they will also be working towards balancing their positive karma.

Spiritual Healing is also beneficial during pregnancy, for both the developing baby and the mother.


Jude’s believes that all healing is possible, but not in all people, due to their individual Karma.

Karma is simply “Cause and Effect.” For every action there is a reaction. When Jesus taught, “As you sow, so shall you reap,” he was referring to karma. Jude believes that Karma plays a role in all misfortune, and Spiritual Healing offers a way to balance this karma.

Thankfully, there is always hope to navigate your karma and improve your life regardless of circumstance. Jude encourages everyone to maintain a loving and positive attitude. This includes being of service to others. He also encourages young clients to learn his Spiritual Healing technique to assist themselves and their loved ones.