Entities are souls of the deceased that remain in the astral plane and can attach to people or their aura in the physical realm.  Also known as “ghosts” or energy patterns we can feel.

Entities can be good and bad – some may linger once they pass on to protect the family.  Some overprotective entities from families can push away spouses, romantic partners such as boyfriends or girlfriends. Jude can open up a vortex of light and send familial entities to their next level of karmic experience where they can be at peace and happiness.  Mischievous entities can attach to people on the physical realm to continue a destructive habit they had in their physical life.  Sometimes the cause of anxiety, over-engagement in sexual activity or drug addiction is the result of an entity attachment.

Symptoms of an entity attachment can include:

  • hearing voices
  • sensations of someone scratching or tickling your limbs
  • waking up from sleep with unexplained scratches on your body
  • reoccurring dreams of a loved one
  • astral sex
  • sudden onset of destructive patterns for example: overeating, drugs, sexual activity, anxiety or other toxic behaviors etc

Entities can attach during a fight, during sexual activity, if your aura is weakened, or via negativity, negative emotions such as depression or anger.  Entities can also attach during drug use such as excessive cannabis use, ayahuasca, DMT or other heavy psychedelic drug use.

There are various types of entities.  They include:

  • Sexual entities:  Sexual entities are energy patterns of deceased individuals who were addicted to sexual fantasies, rape and other sexual activities prior to their death.   This type of entity is attracted to living people during sexual activity, and can attach to people’s aura undetected.  When sexual entities latch onto the aura, they can cause excessive sexual desires, sex addiction and/or sexual aggression.
  • Drug entities:  Drug entities are energies of deceased individuals who were addicted to drugs prior to their death.  If this type of entity attaches to a person’s aura, or is present in their home, it can cause individuals to have drug addictions, overdoses, or urges to use drugs.  Removing the entity or entities from an individual’s aura can contribute to drug recovery or minimize the desire to do drugs for a person suffering from drug abuse or addiction.
  • Alien entities:  Alien entities are the most dangerous type of entity and the most difficult to remove.  Alien entity removal requires the shaman to expend additional energy and follow-up therefore costs more for removal per karmic law.

Shamanic treatment to remove an entity starts at $1,500 for each entity attachment. Jude will determine the type of entity during your session. Additional fee will be charged if the entity requires more energy to be removed (ex, entities acquired during an ayahuasca ceremony or other drug experience, alien entities etc).

In these examples: Alien, Ayahuasca/drug entity is an additional $1,000 each ($2,500 total)

Call for pricing details or to determine if you need an entity removal.