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After a healing session most clients feel relieved, balanced, and ‘lighter’ as though a weight has been lifted, and they often feel as though they’re in another state of rejuvenation and awareness.  As spiritual beings, we are constantly exposed to, and can often absorb and react to energies that are not our own, affecting the way we feel.  Spiritual healing removes these external energies so we can function purely from our own higher spiritual selves, uncontaminated by other forces.

The extent to which Jude can heal an ailment or specific situation is dependent on what the person’s karma allows.   Some people are meant to experience certain things in their lives for specific lessons their soul requires, which Jude is unable to change for this reason.  Therefore, it’s important to note that it is unwise to assume all of your problems will disappear after one session with Jude.

Benefits from a session with Jude may be noticed by some immediately, as others may require continued healing sessions combined with spiritual exercises he provides to you to perform on your own to resolve problems you want to fix, as allowed by your karma.

More advanced healing sessions can be purchased to resolve acute problems, which can be more expensive.  Please call  or email with specific questions on pricing.   Jude or his managers will suggest additional ways to balance your karmic atonement to direct their karmic balance in the other direction.  This atonement could mean number of hours of unselfish service to others required.

A note on pricing for Jude’s services as it relates to Karma

Why does a healing session cost money?

There is nothing that is ‘free’ as it relates to the karmic flow of energy in our universal setup.  Any energy expended is then consumed and vice versa.   The ancient proverb ‘as you sow, so shall you reap’ referenced by Jesus Christ conveys this very idea.

The actual spiritual energy Jude sends to you in a session is ‘free’, however it comes at the expense of is his own energy in your healing session.  That which we call ‘money’ in essence is paper, which is simply energy.  Money is a medium of energy exchange in our capitalist society.   You expend your energy at work in exchange for money.  In much the same way, you spend energy in the form of money to receive a spiritual benefit in a session with Jude.

The money (energy) Jude receives from his clients balances his expenditure and accounts for the time he spends in sessions, rent for his office space, and to pay his assistants for example.

In African culture, people ‘pay’ for services by giving in other ways…often it’s not with money as currency, but rather with goods such as eggs, cow, lamb, turtles, chickens.  In the US, money is the dominant medium of exchange; therefore Jude accepts payment in the form of money here.

There is a reason why people suffer in life.  All ailments are caused by a karmic debt…broken leg, arthritis, cancer, whatever the ill may be.   Jude encourages people to improve their karma through service to humanity and ‘giving’ a donation or payment with love.  Through giving with love, the energies are balanced more quickly.